Make the time.  Bridge the gap.

At alley-oop we're all about connecting people across generations.

We know it can be hard to find time,
come up with ideas, and align common interests.

So we came up with a way to make it all easier - starting with Dads & Daughters!
Every month, you'll receive a variety of fun challenges - delivered virtually - to do together on your own schedule.
You'll laugh, you'll discover, and you'll connect - welcome to alley-oop!

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Encourage teamwork and collaboration, while nurturing empathy, trust, and communication

Inspire multiple viewpoints and perspectives


Leverage technology – as a tool – for responsive, adaptive, and immersive experiences

Remember that memories come in different forms (photos, ideas, video/audio, designs, etc)

Offer a single place as a record and reflection, memorializing all the duo have done together



  1. Every month, the “duo” (the Dad and Daughter team, in this case) will sign-in and receive information for a new set of fun, interactive challenges. Some are physical, others are creative. Some are fast-paced and dynamic, others are more strategic and thoughtful.
    ALL require the duo to work together.
  2. The challenges are worth different amounts of points and vary not only by type (see above), but also by duration (the shortest being 5 min, the longest taking about an hour).
  3. Throughout the month, the duo can complete as many of the challenges as they’d like – on their own time and schedule – in any order they choose.
  4. At the end of the month, completed challenges are reviewed, points are awarded, and a new set of challenges are launched!

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Challenge Logistics

If and when you need additional materials, they should be relatively simple things you’re likely to have on hand (ex: markers or toilet paper). If more obscure items are required for a challenge, we will send them to you in advance, and if it's something you usually have on hand - but for some reason ran out or can’t find - IMPROVISE!  Nothing in alley-oop is set in stone. If you don't have something like a basketball or blank paper handy - feel free to be creative and change it up with a soccer ball or a cardboard box. You get the idea. If you really have no clue what to do, give us a shout via email or telephone and we're happy to help out.

If you have not completed the challenges by month's end, you can still access them once the month is over - and play them at your leisure - you will just not receive any points for completing them post the original due-date. Eventually, all challenges will be able to be viewed in the Archives (coming soon) once the month is over.

Obviously the real gratification comes from simply completing the challenges together, but . . . we think points are fun, too! Points will ultimately lead to free gifts from both alley-oop and our partner companies: sometimes a fun surprise tied to that month's theme, other times a special memento from one of your challenge submissions - we'll surprise you!  And every time any Duo reaches a certain number of points, a Dad & Daughter team that might not otherwise be able to afford to participate in alley-oop will be gifted a subscription for free!

Ages, Siblings, and Friends

We recommend alley-oop for children ages 6-13 right now (5-18, coming soon!) but all kids are different, so ultimately each Duo can decide for themselves if alley-oop is a good fit.

Absolutely, we love siblings! Each team is a Dad-Daughter pair, but Dads (and Daughters) can each have more than one team. Therefore, a Dad can play with 2+ daughters and a Daughter can play on separate teams with multiple Dads, Step-Dads, etc.

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. In some cases, the challenges will be the same - but we promise you, repeating the same challenge with a different player usually yields surprisingly different results! We actually find it makes each daughter's personality really stand out.  In other instances, however, the challenges might be similar but have different nuances appropriate for each Daughter's specific age and/or affiliation.

Good question. The answer is . . . it depends. If your daughter's friend is about the same age as your daughter - and she and her dad signed up in the same month you did - then yes. If you both signed up through a particular affiliation (like a school or soccer organization, for example) - then yes. If not (to either situation) - then it depends on each team's date of signup, age of Daughters, sometimes even location.

Tech Stuff

Alley-oop works best on the iPhone 6, 6s, 7, 7plus, 8, 8plus, X, Xs, and Xmax. Android and iPad capabilities coming soon.

Yes and No. This is not a standard app or game you are playing while staring at your phone (like Pacman or Candy Crush or something like that). Instead, alley-oop uses the mobile device as a tool to help facilitate some of the challenges (like alley-oop treasure hunts, for example). Therefore, some challenges are offline, some are online, and some are a hybrid of the two.

Once you purchase the app via the website go to the app store, search for alley-oop, and download!