Why Start with Dads & Daughters?

The Dad & Daughter relationship is a true game changer.

Confidence. Self-esteem. Independence. Ambition.

When girls have great relationships with their fathers during childhood, these are the results.

Respect. Perspective. Empathy. Equality. 

When a man has a powerful relationship with his daughter, the lens through which he views women changes.

The problem today is that so often Dads lack the time, or the ideas, or sometimes the common interests, to engage in the ways they want. And thus, the idea for alley-oop began. 

alley-oop gives Dads & Daughters an opportunity to spend 1:1 time together, working as a teamon a variety of different “challenges.” They have a ton of fun, build deeper connections, and create hilarious memories they’ll both cherish forever.

That’s why we’re starting with Dads & Daughters. But don’t worry, this is just the beginning . . .

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