Challenge Logistics

If and when you need additional materials, they will be relatively simple things you’re likely to have on hand, like a ball or string. If more obscure items are required, just improvise! Nothing in alley-oop is ever set in stone 🙂

Unfinished challenges disappear at month’s end and are replaced by new ones. But don’t worry if you didn’t get around to doing one you had your eye on. We’re working on a way to get individual challenges on an ala carte basis. Coming soon!

Obviously the real gratification comes from simply completing the challenges together, but . . . we think points are fun, too! Points will ultimately lead to free gifts from both alley-oop and our partner companies – we’ll surprise you! 

Ages & Siblings

We recommend alley-oop for children ages 5-12 right now but all kids are different, so ultimately Dads & Daughters can decide for themselves if alley-oop is a good fit.

Absolutely, we love siblings! Each team is a Dad-Daughter pair, but Dads (and Daughters) can each have more than one team. Therefore, a Dad can play with 2+ daughters and a Daughter can play on separate teams with multiple Dads, Step-Dads, etc.

In some cases, the challenges will be the same – but we promise you, repeating the same challenge with a different player usually yields surprisingly different results. We actually find it makes each daughter’s personality really stand out. In other instances, the challenges might be similar but have different nuances appropriate for each Daughter’s specific age and/or affiliation.

Tech Stuff

Alley-oop works best on the iPhone 6, 6s, 7, 7plus, 8, 8plus, X, Xs, and Xmax. Android and iPad capabilities coming soon.

Great question – as parents, we have concerns about screen time, too. The answer is no – most of the challenges actually take place offline. The phone simply acts as a TOOL to help deliver and facilitate some of the challenges (for example, providing real-time clues for a-o treasure hunts).

Oh, that’s an easy one! Simply go to the App Store and download – it’s FREE, so come check it out!